MEMBERSHIPS...but not really! 

Our "memberships" are not contracts that lock you in, however is our way to get you committed to training and hopefully achieving your goals!  We break down our "memberships" accordingly:

x2 days per week = x8 classes per month

x3 days per week = x12 classes per month

x4 days per week = x16 classes per month




Monthly:  $90/x8 classes per month (x2 per week),
$110/x12 classes per month (x3 per week),
$130/x16 classes per month (x4 per week),                                           $150 Unlimited

Drop-Ins:  $15 Drop in fee, we use drop-in fees to support our fellow athletes going through hard times, charitable events and/or supporting athletes at competitions.


We offer a $30 quarterly discount when paid in advance each quarter.

We offer a 10% discount to: students/teachers/police/fire/military/veterans

We offer a 10% couples discount when signed up together



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