Intro to CrossFit: New to CrossFit and you want to test the waters, sign up for the FREE Intro to CrossFit class on Saturdays at 10:30am.  This class is designed to answer any initial questions you might have, walk you through the structure of our day-to-day classes and give you a teaser WOD (workout of the day).  

Elements of CrossFit (Every Month - the 1st and 3rd week of the month on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 5:30pm and $50 total for the three classes): We teach the Elements of CrossFit to ensure each person has safely gone through the mechanics of movement with our common lifts while having an overall understanding of CrossFit methodology.  We use these classes to analyze and evaluate each athlete's range of motion, flexibility and overall capacity with major lifts and functional movement.  Elements of CrossFit is a progressive three part series running Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights at 5:30pm (EVERY WEEK).  Don't worry, if you can not make all three in a row, we will work with you to cover the bases.  We want you to be safe, we want you to know what to expect and we want to answer questions along the way to help provide for a phenomenal CrossFit experience!  Elements of CrossFit costs $50 total for the three classes and you will graduate into regular classes from there!

Experienced CrossFitter: We have a plethora of seasoned CrossFitters who have relocated to call CrossFit Matters home. We ask that you contact us in advance to schedule a brief barbell assessment with one of our coaches to see how well you control yourself to then control a bar.  This is our way to assess you, your experience and will expedite you into regular classes.  We typically, try to schedule assessments before a class.  That way, we can do an assessment and then you can join the next class (as long as you move well).

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Monthly:  $90/x8 classes per month (x2 per week),
$110/x12 classes per month (x3 per week),
$130/x16 classes per month (x4 per week),                                           $150 Unlimited

Drop-Ins:  $15 Drop-in fee, we use drop-in fees to support our fellow athletes going through hard times, charitable events and/or supporting athletes at competitions.  We encourage our drop-ins to leave a review for a discount!



We offer a 10% discount to: students/teachers/police/fire/military/veterans. 

We offer a $30 quarterly discount when paid in advance each quarter.

We offer a 10% couples discount when signed up together





From the 5:30am crew...

“I want to get fit, but not that fit!”

— Logan F.

Said no one ever...

"Can we do some more burpees?  I don't think we did enough...!"

— No One Ever

From the 6:30am crew...

“It's not on the board, we don't have to do it!"

— Jon F..